Foot Licking Clips - Sexy girls getting their feet licked

Lady Stefanie and her boyfriend had gone for a picnic. She was enjoying the ambience and the time they spent together but he wanted something naughty and he asked her to think of something they had not done. She thought about it and felt that they could try foot licking and he had to lick her feet as if they were her pussy and he did it. They laughed at how crazy it was.

Goddess Sheila was disappointed with the decisions her husband was making. She was focused on the future of their family and he was focused on the now. She tried to make him see sense but he did not and now she had to put it into him. She used her boots to trample his face, had him lick her boots and smothered his face until they were on the same page.

Mistress Karina wanted to have fun with this girl. She was interested in girl on girl fun and she had to jumpstart it as the girl had never had it. She started by licking her feet and rubbing as she worked her way up her legs to her thighs and finally to the promised land. The upper part of her body came in later. Needless to say, they had crazy fun.

When this mistress came home and she found out that her girlfriend had made some idiotic decisions, she was exasperated. That was the last straw for her. She did not know whether she was making these decisions to spite her or they were genuine mistakes. But she did not care at that point and she punished her by making her lick her sweaty feet and rub them. He had to smell her socks too.

Goddess Lena asked this guy to lick her feet but he refused. She did not have a reason to make him lick her feet and to trample him but she was offended when he did not do it when she asked. And that was the primary reason she had to make him do it. She

Goddess Yasemin likes to have a good time. She has an involving job and when she gets home from work, she is usually tired. Today she wanted a foot rub and to have her feet pampered. So she asked her slave to do it and he did it as he knew how to. Goddess Yasemin relaxed immediately and she loved how he licked her feet as well as rubbed them.

Madame Marissa had caught this slave doing what he knew he was not supposed to do and he got scared as he knew the extents that she can go to punish someone who wrongs her. The slave begged her not to beat him up and she agreed. Instead of beating him up, she chose to make him lick her feet and do it according to her specific instructions. He did it.

Lady Scarlet was helping a group of women learn to handle and tame their husbands. The mistresses were afraid that they would lose their families and part of avoiding that was punishing their husbands as well as taming them. So she told them what to do and how to do it. For solidarity, she had them lure their husbands and had them all punished together by the mistresses. She also helped.

Mistress BlackDiamoond and mistress Kim wanted to dominate this slave and they did it sexually using their high heels and their bare feet. He was forced to undress and they gagged him with their feet as well as had him lick spit off their heels. He then had to blow their heels before they gave him a footjob using their high heels. The punishment achieved what it had set out to achieve.

Mistress Molly had an issue with her male secretary. He had not been doing his duties as well as he needed to and the mistress was pissed. So she punished him by trampling him as she edited the work she had given him to do and which he had done poorly. He had to lick her feet in the process and he also had to endure being trampled on the face.

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